About Me


I am a professional stylist based in Milano. I like considering myself an artist, translating emotions and visions into reality, through my own personal language.

I started working as an assistant in video productions, commercials and music videos. Then, I started building my own career, quickly achieving an interesting portfolio.

To date I have costumed a variety of projects, including two feature lenght films. Thanks to my versatile sense of style and pulsing fantasy, I could extend my activity to the fashion field too, realizing unique and appreciated fashion editorials.

I enjoy experimenting with styles, fabrics and colours of the past and the present, combining styling skills with costume design.

My job is my fuel. I believe in the importance of studying the culture of style and in keeping always a young mind, which basically means to be curious, brave and a little weird.

I am always happy to collaborate to any needs of the production including creative direction, set design, and casting. I am available working worldwide.